Why we need Bikesharing in Bratislava?

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Reduce Pollution – no greenhouse gases CO2 and other emisions. Bikes will promote cycling to the drivers. Simple. Better health – Bike is good for your health. For example take a look about cardiovascular survey of biking and non. read more →

Useful typography

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Very nice and useful bicycle typography by  Aaron Kuehn 2010. You can buy it on his website. It’s only $30 and it’s hand printed. You can buy there also T-shirt with this Brilliant simple typo Idea. Btw. I started the same. read more →

Bike books list

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Future is E-ink and E-paper, but I love the smell of a book. I love the history, sharing and reading in a Cafe. I love to read books. Quite often I read about design, webs, medias and all technical stuff, but. read more →

Forever bicycles installation by Ai Weiwei in Taipei

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Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, which is prohibited from leaving Beijing,  is opening an art exhibit in Taiwan. The Taiwanese exhibit of 21 works includes photographs and 12 outsize bronze heads representing the Chinese zodiac. A new piece created by Ai. read more →

B.AMBULANCE – Bike emergency and a Library

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Great idea in London. People around the Bicycle library opened at last friday Critical mass ride on 28. october 2011 the “magic” bus. On the top floor, there is Bike library, with books related to all the 2-wheels. The. read more →

Beautiful girls on bikes playing bikepolo

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Beautiful girls on bikes playing bikepolo. Watch this well made video, with girls playing bikepolo – one of the resurrected modern team game.. read more →

September online bike mag out!

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Another bike transportation magazine is up on issue.com. Online mag is getting continually redesign. Open publication – Free publishing. read more →

Autolib started, city financed carsharing in Paris!

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autolib bluecar

Autolib in Paris started! In spring I was writing about Autolib for a first time. This week it started officially. In Autolib they have 66 full electrocars at the moment for 2 months trial period. If everything will be. read more →

Bikesharing in Europe part. 1

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I was writing about the bike sharing schemes across USA, but first bike sharing systems were in Europe. You know the 1st and 2nd generation and now I would like to write you about other cities. Wien In Wien,. read more →

4 Bike messenger games on app store and pc,ps3

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Some days ago I was with some friends in a Music Bar. Sitting and chilling, as always, talking bout bikes. I met there a coder and Im a graphic designer, so I had an idea that we can make. read more →