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Future is E-ink and E-paper, but I love the smell of a book. I love the history, sharing and reading in a Cafe. I love to read books.
Quite often I read about design, webs, medias and all technical stuff, but the biggest pleasure I feel when I read beletry. On the Kents Bike blog, you can find list of 50 great books about bikes, of course. Dont miss also the comments, there are also some usefull tips. Kent made it quite easy, all of the books are linked to Amazon webstore, and you can directly order them.

I know Bike snob from NY, very nice written, good hipster language, and nice view about  hipsters, fixed gears…True storys and nice turnarounds from past. Also whole book has pretty gold pantone visual with lot of bike related vignettes.

The second one which I know is from David Byrne, not as good as the famous bloger Bikesnob, but still pretty good reading.


Dont forget about books!

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Tom - Father, Graphic designer with about 10 years of experience in print/web design. Bike activist situated in Bratislava, Slovakia. One of founders and active member in bicycle coalition Cyklokoalícia. Founder of cyklokuchyňa - Bratislava bikekitchen community workshop. Coordinator of European mobility week and lots of other projects. Dj and event manager.

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