Bikesharing in Europe part. 1

Written by Tom

I was writing about the bike sharing schemes across USA, but first bike sharing systems were in Europe. You know the 1st and 2nd generation and now I would like to write you about other cities.


In Wien, there is bikesharing for a long time. It started small and without a big success, but later in 2008-2009 company changed. Right now there is the system financed by the city, JCDecaux and runs by professionals from WUK bike workshop. There are at the moment 60 stations and its plannet to grow to 100 next year. The system started here in 2003 and it was the first system runned by Velib. Velib now has a fleet of 45 500 bicycles and more than 3 800 cycle racks!


In Paris there is Velib. The starter of the Bikeshare revolution. Firstly they build lot of stations and make a big marketing. After first bikes were destroyed by vandals and stealth due to security problems, they managed better locks and improved the system. Now its very popular. Check the In Paris Velib started in 2007.

Check the info graphics at the end of the article for the information’s about the amount of the bikes in Paris.


Bike 4 free’ has more than 200 bikes with a target figure up to 600 bikes. They offer 3 rental-stations, and you have to pick-up and drop-off only at the same station. The Rental is “4 free” but you have to leave your identity card with the station manager. The system is financed by marketing of advertising spots on part of the bikes. ‘Call a Bike’ is a bike-renting system where you can pick up your bike in a wide area of Berlin during 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This neat infographic shows you some informations and comparsions between Europe and USA.





Some informations Via :

to be continued…


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