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Some days ago I was with some friends in a Music Bar. Sitting and chilling, as always, talking bout bikes. I met there a coder and Im a graphic designer, so I had an idea that we can make a bike messenger computer game. I thought this will be an awesome and unique idea. I came home and made a research on google. I found some hipster games and that made me quite sad, that my great Idea is not inventive. Anyway look for these ones.

The first which looks pretty funny is Hipster City Cycle ;)

Its available on app store and you can find a website about the authors on there are some nice videos and a competition. I love the pixel graphics and the hipster 8-bit style of the game.

a screen shot

The second one is the text/RPG online browser game. It has a pretty big community and you have to try this one at Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful idea is to teach people from suburbs or little satellite cities, which commute to big city, to use train. But what next ? Best situation is when they work near Train/Bus station. Otherwise they have to use public transport, but there is another possibility. Secure bike parking station.

Time a go I posted about one in Houten, now there is new one in Washington. Bikestation provides secure parking for more than a hundred bicycles, offers repair, rentals, lockers, and a changing room. Members get 24/7 access. And the architecture is really excellent.


Secure Bike Parking at Union Station from Streetfilms on Vimeo.


On the official webpage of Bikestation you can find information about other ones. Bikestation Long Beach (1998, 2005, and new construction underway at present)
Bikestation Palo Alto (1998 and 2007)
Bikestation Santa Barbara (2007)
Bikestation Washington DC (2009)
Bikestation Claremont (2010)
Bikestation Covina (2010)
Bikestation Hillsboro (2010)

check this great video on streetfilms!


Intesa Sanpaolo Bank has launched a free bike-sharing program for its employees in Romania, in Bucharest and in Arad. Service is running by BICYCLOP, which sells mostly city bikes. The program is similar to the program “Ties on bikes” where are connected ING Bank, Romanian central Bank (BNR), Orange Romania, Raiffeisen Bank and bpv Grigorescu Stefanica law firm’s. All of these can use bike-sharing service for free.

This is great news that in Romania are also using bike sharing systems. Its great to start with commercial based commuters and then normal citizens will start to use it. Its also good to bring it to the students, but this needs invesments and universitys in this part of the europe are not in that good financial status as banks. Good work at Romania by Green revolution initiative !

My musical story

Freelance graphic designer, bicycle activist, music selector and father

Dj and selector for over 10 years. Yeah, the old school one, strictly vinyl records.
Started with reggae, jungle, hiphop and influented with all kinds dubby, chillout and atmospehric sounds but also rudeboy, ska, punky and freetekno soundsystem culture.
Played in strictly underground gigs. At the moment, just a “friends birthday DJ”, activist benefit DJ and Cyclothematic oriented selector.

This is part of my cyclo-thematic selection project. Show it to your friends and bike the world!

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This is list of Top 10 benefits, if you can find some other benefit of commuting, leave me a comment!

  • Improve employee health.
  • Increase worker productivity: Fit employees are more alert, more productive, perform better and more efficiently.
  • Lower health care costs: healthier employees can reduce health insurance costs.
  • Reduce parking cost.
  • Reduced carbon emissions.
  • Reduce turnover: Employers who appreciate workers’ personal needs have less employee turnover.
  • Supporting bike commuting is less expensive than an in-office fitness facility.
  • Improve work/ life balance: Bike commuting can be substituted for the gym, saving employee’s personal time.
  • Community engagement: Bicycles can be produced and maintained locally by local bike shops contributing to local job opportunities as part of a sustainable economy.
  • Improve company image.

This is gr8 list thnx to taigacompany !

We started a social community bike workshop in Bratislava in april 2011. Now 3 months after we have a big problem with the right place, Im writing this blogpost becouse i want to have a direcotry of some social bike places around the world.

Lets see what we have here:

  1. One ride money from the service -
    usually half an hour is free, the next one is payed
  2. The yearly registration of user, which is from 20-30 EUR and then the service is cheaper for registrated customers
  3. Advertising on Bikes – Jecaux deco is one of the advertising manager across the world
  4. Advertising on Dock stations
  5. Carbon credit management
    The system Cityride made validation for carbon credit real. You can use their software called Inspire
  6. Tourists are spending more money for services then for fuel  - That means the Local stores and services are gaining more money then the Gas stations.


Also watch the video about inspire system, when you can see how is the system working

Cityride carbon dioxide > money counter

New wedding gift finished. Digital print of Andy Warhols style, made on A1 Canvas. is a list of archives where you can find cached or archived websites, that are currently not available or the design is changed..However the best one is wayback machine but for the longer time it gives you just text, not the internal pictures or CSS desgin of a page. And if you are searching for a webpage that you made in 2008 to put it in to portfolio, it can be a problem ;)