New wedding gift finished

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New wedding gift finished. Digital print of Andy Warhols style, made on A1 Canvas.. read more →

Do you look for off websites?

Written by Tom at is a list of archives where you can find cached or archived websites, that are currently not available or the design is changed..However the best one is wayback machine but for the longer time it gives you just. read more →

Programming the traffic lights.

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One of the first way, how to increase bike commuters in your city is to let them use the bike fast and safe. If you have to stop on every signal light you will be whole day in the. read more →

Bixi economic problems

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Bixi is running one of the most successive business right now. However sometimes, the great ideas made with not so good investments will make whole business model near bankrupt. Montreal city councillor Michel Benoit said that “Bixi is badly. read more →

3 new Slovak bike Video-clips for summer 2011!

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It looks like the artists wants to support the streetbike culture here in Slovakia. First is AMO with Polemic. AMO started while a go as a hip-hop band Krakalla (not whole AMO just members) they have nice flow and. read more →

50 000 bikes in Hangzhou China and 70 000 in Wuhan, impossible bikeshare world in Asia

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I’m writing about bikesharing system, they have from 10 till max planned 10000 bikes (NY) and now im wondering how is this possible. I haven’t heared nothing about this before, just saw one little news in the sustainable transport. read more →

Bike sharing is growing! Its so popular around USA now.

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Boulder b-cycle, Tel Aviv, Madison, Minnesota free Bikesharing for 3500 employees, Kailua, S.A., Ottawa And this are just may news..more will come Go Bixi Go ! The Bixi’s basket perfectly fits a six-pack, but a responsible citizen does not. read more →

New cyclo online mag design.

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I make this magazine from January. Hope you like the design. Sorry its only on Slovak lang.. read more →

Online mag about adoption and professional family

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Another online mag on Issue, where I did DTP and Graphics for non profit Usmev ako dar is about adoption and professional family problems and solutions.. read more →

Tour – Spark software

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Here on a website spark you can find info and free trial of one great bike sharing sofware. Its easy to use. It can be use specially for university cities or smaller cities. This software is very easy to. read more →