Why we need Bikesharing in Bratislava?

Written by Tom

Reduce Pollution – no greenhouse gases CO2 and other emisions. Bikes will promote cycling to the drivers. Simple.

Better health – Bike is good for your health. For example take a look about cardiovascular survey of biking and non biking kids. Elementary.

Less cars in the streets – Avarage trip with car is less then 5km. With bikesharing systems, people will start to use bikes for such a short trips. Easy.

Nicer city – Without cars everywhere, we will improve public spaces and we will have more place for public transport, walking, emergency and we dont need so much place for parking places. Simple

Tourist and recreational opportunities – Public bikes are attractive for tourist, they can see more history in less time. Ordinary.

Public safety – More people in the streets = more “eyes on the street” and less crime. Foolproof.

Save the city money – One mile / kilometer of bike lane/road etc. is massively cheaper then one mile/kilometer of car infrastructure. Really simple.

Save lives – There are lot of researches about consequences of increasing amount of bicyclists on the road improve safety. That was also the first argument of Nederlands bike lobby. Save the kids. Bikesharing is safer then riding your own bikes. Elementary

Fixed and increased economy – Community on bikes don’t wait during rush hours in traffic, they spends more money in the city because don’t need to park vehicle. They don’t spend money on fuel. Really easy.

Building community without differences – Connecting users of all ages, social statuses, races and genders. Cheap and simple.


Please keep it simple !

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Tom - Father, Graphic designer with about 10 years of experience in print/web design. Bike activist situated in Bratislava, Slovakia. One of founders and active member in bicycle coalition Cyklokoalícia. Founder of cyklokuchyňa - Bratislava bikekitchen community workshop. Coordinator of European mobility week and lots of other projects. Dj and event manager.

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